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Our Mission

Developing a space for medicine, public health, and business to work collaboratively 

Our Vision

We envision deploying the information revolution to empower global public health and medicine to address the problems of today and tomorrow.

Our Core Values


We will be fact and evidence based in all our work. We will be transparent in our processes and share the truth in all its forms and join in the fight against misinformation.


We will adhere to ethical and moral principles not just in our efforts in public health but also in our own practices. We will work to improve the health of the people and planet with every decision.


We will create a workforce that honors diversity of thought in both experience and expertise. We will strive to increase representation and advocate for those underrepresented in the industry in both our workforce and the projects we lead.


We will strive to create an environment of collaboration between professions and people. We will foster communication between professionals with different areas of expertise to ensure we are serving the public health.


We will work to develop real-world actionable solutions and create content to solve problems. We will be reasonable and prudent in our work.

Transformative Impacts

We will do our best to inform preventative solutions for the future and we will respond to modern day concerns.

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