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Social Determinants of Health Curriculum


  • Use data to better understand how public health and medicine training (specifically in Social Determinants of Health) improves learning for trainees and health outcomes for patients

  • Learn to Advocate for policy changes to improve health-related outcomes for communities

  • Create public health related content for multidisciplinary health-related professionals

  • Connect and collaborate with other health-related organizations by leading/participating in ongoing community health projects

  • Create networking opportunities with professionals and trainees in the field

  • Understand how to address social determinants of health in your community through advocacy, community partnership, multidisciplinary collaboration, and volunteerism

  • Identify SDOH concerns within your own patient panels and how to effectively address them

Welcome to BMGC's Social Determinants of Health Curriculum! If you would like to receive course credit for this curriculum we have included a sample template to submit to your administration. 

Prior to starting this course *PLEASE* fill out the demographic information and register on the site page here!

Course Topics

Thanks for using our curriculum! Please fill out the final survey and post-assessment!

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