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  • Understand the concept of OneHealth

  • Demonstrate examples of OneHealth in a practical sense

  • Find examples of and discuss relevant legislation/regulation 

  • Connect OneHealth with global health 

  • Discuss current initiatives addressing OneHealth issues

Landmark Papers

These papers are academic studies used to introduce the topic of OneHealth, the significance of OneHealth in health, and what efforts have been made to mitigate the effects of plant and environmental health in human health

Theory Burst by Julie Snow PhD

Dr. Julie Snow is an atmospheric scientist and professor in the Department of Geography, Geology and the Environment at Slippery Rock University and a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow serving as the Climate Science Advisor to the Army Climate Directorate in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment. She specializes in climate thought leadership, creating climate change solutions that cross interdisciplinary boundaries using a systems based approach. She has helped created climate change strategies for higher education, small businesses and federal agencies. She also focuses on communication and pedagogical methods for increasing climate literacy in education, and government, community and private organizations. She has extensive experience conducting international atmospheric and climate related fieldwork and has authored numerous scientific and popular press articles and books. Dr. Snow received her Bachelors of Arts in Chemistry from Wittenberg University in 1994, and her Masters of Oceanography in 1998 and her Doctor of Philosophy in Oceanography in 2002 from the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography.

Interactive Cases

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