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We are developing a space for professionals in all health related fields to connect, collaborate, and improve the public health. 

We welcome veteran professionals, new young professionals, and always students to learn about how they can engage early disrupt the status quo of silos.

Join our advocacy groups, work on existing projects, or feature your writing or research that already exists in this space. We want to build a base of communication and collaboration for generations to come!


We offer nonclinical electives for students at all levels who want to work in public health and medicine. We are also developing student chapters across medical and public health schools.  Contact us for details


We welcome those who want to join our mission for a longer term - whether full time or part time. 


Stay up to date with our content, share your ideas, and feature your work by joining our mailing list, signing up for projects, and contacting us for a feature!


We will soon be starting a mentor/mentee exchange program! Please sign up for either role and we will be in touch once the program opens!

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