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Dial It Up - A Physician, her Political Campaign, and a Movement to Make Change

We had the delight of speaking with Dr Annie Andrews, a pediatrician who ran for Congress and founded an advocacy organization and related political action committee.

“I would encourage anybody who's thinking about incorporating advocacy [...] drop the imposter syndrome. We are seriously smart people, and we need to engage and lean in and find a way to dial it up. Because things are not getting better, and we can be part of the solution.”

“you can't advance policy without getting engaged in the politics”

Her why:

“my children are my why [...] i need to fight for their future and all of the children in this country's future - there is so much power [in DC] for retired people, but there's nothing like that for kids”

it's about giving kids a voice

Some key points -

Why health professionals should get involved in advocacy: “we feel like until we are experts, we should not engage [...] but that's just not how that world works [...] most of them don't have expertise in anything [...] and we are in desperate need of people with our expertise and of people who are doing it for the right reasons

Medicine gives us unique skills to work in politics: “It takes really strong communication skills to do what we do every day as physicians and that translates beautifully to the campaign trail”

Quick Takeaways:

“We owe it to our children to act on climate change”

“It's about teaching people how to translate their values into their vote”

“We've got to do our part to help clean up the mess that we've been a part of creating by not voting in the best interests of families and children”

“Real change is possible if more people are engaged”

“Getting involved is the solution”

“Most of the action is actually happening in state houses”

Balancing being a physician, a mom, and an advocate (among other roles):

“you just have to be smart about how you choose to spend your energy, your time, where you are, the stage of your personal life and your professional life”


Links from the talk:

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