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For Students

Start a student chapter or join our student electives


Starting a student chapter of BMGC is an exciting opportunity to integrate with your local community, advocate for their needs, and solve problems in an innovative way at the grassroots level! You also get access to the resources of BMGC, electives, mentors/mentees, and new projects! Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter! 

Steps to Start a Student Chapter

  1. Register with your school 

    • This varies by school, most likely you need to find a faculty mentor/write a constitution (you can use our drafts)!​

  2. Join BMGC 

    • it's FREE!​

    • Subscribe to our site, right now it's THAT EASY!

  3. Register your chapter! Fill out the form here​

  4. Check our flyer and our expectations for student chapters!

  5. We can schedule a virtual meeting to discuss final details! 

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How do we get funding?

  1. Cosponsor with another student or local organization - remember this group is about COLLABORATION!

  2. School/Department Sponsorship! 

  3. Apply for grants (we'll have a list of opportunities soon)

  4. Join our big picture projects, some are funded (we'll have a list here soon)!

  5. Local sponsorship - the goal of student chapters is to connect with your community, host events and connect with local businesses! 

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